Oil Filled Transformers

FTC  manufactures Oil Filled Transformers ranging from 100kVA/11kV up to 10MVA/ 36kV class, including Mineral Oil Filled, Silicon...

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Dry Type Cast Resin

FTC manufactures Dry Type Cast Resin Transformers starting from 300kVA, 11kV up to 4000 KVA, voltage up to 36 KV. Dry Type Cast Re...

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Package Substation

FTC manufactures a variety of Package Substations in Abu Dhabi, UAE. These units essentially consist of an assembly of the followi...

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Tank Fabrication

FTC offers corrugated finwall tanks or pressed steel radiator type tanks as per requirements. The tanks are first sand/shot blasted an...

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Special Transformers

FTC manufactures the following transformers for special applications and to customer specifications. a.    Mul...

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Welcome To Federal Transformers

Federal Transformers Company LLC (FTC) is an ISO 9001:2008 Company established in January 1999 in Abu Dhabi as a manufacturing Company. Over the years the company has built a strong expertise in engineering, design, development and manufacture of high quality transformers catering to the vibrant sector of electric power distribution in UAE and across the region.

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