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Package Substation

FTC manufactures a variety of Package Substations in Abu Dhabi, UAE. These units essentially consist of an assembly of the following on a common base.

SF 6 or Oil type Ring Main Unit as per requirement, hermetically sealed ONAN Transformer, Low Voltage Distribution Board/Low Voltage Feeder Pillars. The units are supplied without housing or with GRP housing, steel housing as per specifications.

Package Substations (Unit Substations / Pocket Substation) are manufactured as per customer specifications and complies with the following standards as applicable.

IEC 62271-High voltage/Low voltage pre-fabricated Substations.

IEC 60298-A C metal enclosed HV Switchgear.

IEC 60076-Power Transformers

IEC 61439-Factory built Switchgear assemblies for Low voltage

Standard ratings for Package Substations are:

200 kVA / 500 kVA / 1000 kVA / 1500 kVA / 1600 kVA

All equipment’s are outdoor type, interconnected, factory assembled as integral unit, ready for placing into position upon a concrete base pad.

Federal Transformers is the First company in Midde East to have carried out complete Type Tests including Internal Arc Test ( IAC-AB) on Package Substation as per IEC 62271 at KEMA Netherlands.