We manufacture a variety of Package Substations including HV and LV switchgear assemblies with Walk-in compact and non-walk-in type with and without partitions between HV & LV Switchgear. The package unit will be supplied with and without housing.

Applicable Standards

The Package Substations (Unit Substations / Pocket Substations) are manufactured as per customer specifications with the following standards as applicable.

Product Range

Package Substations are manufactured according to customer specifications. The standard ratings are: 200 kVA, 500kVA, 1000 kVA, 1500 kVA, 1600 kVA and 2000kVA

Distribution Transformers

Oil Filled Transformers ranging from 50KVA to 10 MVA, 0.400KV to 36KV class. We manufacture high efficient and low efficient Oil Filled Transformers with Copper and Aluminium Windings based on customer requirements.

Product Range

Product Range